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A Unique Holistic Facial Experience

Be taken on a blissful sensory journey with a facial that will take you around the world. You will travel to four different countries where you will experience the music and aroma reminiscent from each country visited

Imagine yourself floating through a lush canopy of a tropical rainforest while I begin your deep cleanse and tone. You then feel the deep vibrations of Aboriginal music while I exfoliate your skin. Allow yourself to soar over the mountains and monasteries of Tibet whilst you experience Eastern, Western and Lymphatic massage. Then rest by the ocean whilst listening to the waves and the patter of raindrops on your skin during your ocean rain skin drench.

Continue to float away on the ocean waves whilst being further indulged with a revitalising Thai Foot Massage, a soothing Tibetan Hand Massage or a reviving Indian Head Massage

Finally you head home over the grand planes of South Africa whilst being moisturised with the aromas of violets and rose and listening to the powerful, soul stirring native choral singing.

Tempted? Ring me today to book in your journey and begin to look to forward to reclining for an hour whilst you enjoy the aromas, music and beautiful natural face products.

Still undecided? Then take a look at the video and then pick up the phone and ring me.

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